At SEK-Santa Isabel, we recognize that education is a collaborative effort, and we place tremendous value on the partnership between our students’ families and our school community. Our “Families in Learning” project is a testament to this commitment.


1. Workshops and Cultural Sharing:

As part of this initiative, we invite parents to actively participate in their child’s education. Parents are welcomed into our school to conduct workshops closely tied to our units of inquiry. These workshops offer students a unique opportunity to connect classroom learning with real-life experiences. Whether sharing insights from their professions or imparting aspects of their culture, these workshops enrich the educational journey of our students.


2. Engaging Family Events:

To further strengthen the bond between families and our school, we organize events like sports days, excursions, and more. These activities provide a platform for families to connect, share, and enjoy memorable moments alongside their children and other families. We also have Parents Clubs such as Parents Language Exchange clubs.