Programa Estrella Altas Capacidades We have a specific scheme for talented and gifted students, the Stellar Programme, at our facilities in the centre of Madrid, and at the same time we cater to talented and gifted students by designing curricular adaptations, to guarantee personalised attention and education.

The SEK-STELLAR Programme aims to provide a comprehensive response and care for high achieving students. We have been running this programme at SEK International Schools for almost 30 years.

The programme is designed meet the specific needs of these students based on their personal characteristics, their age and their development.

The Stellar Programme aims to ensure high-achieving students develop their potential in the company of other children with the same academic talents without missing out on day-to-day interaction with their peers in the normal school environment.

The scheme focusses on the needs of families and therefore offers a Family School with extensive information. Furthermore, we offer your children guidance and counselling and tutorial activities. These are staffed by specialised tutors who will provide parents with information and guidance.

We meet on Saturday mornings from 10:00 to 13:00


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The TALNET programme is aimed at Compulsory Secondary Education students. This programme of workshops addresses students’ socio-emotional and scientific-technical learning. Students are given personalised guidance and supervision.

This programme provides students’ the opportunity to take part in enriching joint activities with students from schools both in Spain and abroad and attending an annual meeting within the framework of the International Meetings for Young Talent.

Participating students come from public and private schools.

TALNET Programme Information