Cultural outings: Following the footsteps of the Hapsburgs

On 13 November, year six primary students at SEK-Santa Isabel went on a cultural outing to visit Hapsburg Madrid as a complementary activity to the Looking back unit of inquiry. Given the proximity of the school to this area of central Madrid, children went on foot, allowing them to admire the beauty of the buildings, streets, squares … all of them silent witnesses to history and that over the years have remained and shaped the historic-cultural heritage of Madrid.

From the Royal Palace, overlooked by the La Almudena Cathedral, listening to court gossip from the guide, the walk began.

After a long journey through narrow streets, in each of which aspects of the Hapsburg reign were explained, and through squares with statues that show what the different kings looked like, the group arrived at the Plaza Mayor, where the visit ended with the equestrian statue of Philip III.

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