Parents Informative Sessions ‘Getting Kids to Read?’

On 20 November, the Parents’ informative session was held in SEK-Santa Isabel entitled Getting Kids to Read? Several secrets and a couple of tricks, taught by Ignacio Ceballos Viro, from the School of Education and Health at University Camilo José Cela.

Throughout the exhibition, Ceballos touched on the main questions that arise when you want children to read through their lives and you see it is easier said than done: What can be done from home? How to become examples of reading as parents? Should children read only on paper? What happens when nobody obliges children to read at school? What should they read? What if they do not want to, if they get bored, if they are fed up?

With respect for children and families, the talk focused on the need to generate a link, a meeting point between children and books, and a dialogue was established on 7 practical situations (7 “cases”).

Ignacio Ceballos also included in his presentation some experts such as Daniel Pennac, Nicholas Carr, the Publishers Guild or Gordon Wells, who, offer some surprising guidelines and clues.

Lastly, several basic tips were highlighted to facilitate children’s encounters with literature, some topics were defined as “ambiguous” or to be handled case by case, and the needs and wishes of children and parents regarding reading education were discussed.

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