SEK-Santa Isabel, selected to participate in the Scientific Congress

SEK-Santa Isabel has been selected to participate in all the categories – oral presentation and scientific poster – of the Cientifícate Congress, organised by the Madrid Region, as part of its STEAM plan.

Only six schools were chosen from the Madrid Region to present their projects orally. SEK-Santa Isabel submitted two projects, and both have been chosen for this exhibition.

The first of them belongs to students of year 5 Primary, who have showcased their scientific project in which, after analysing the environmental problems of the Madrid region, they design with a 3D printer that solve these problems. The year 3 students, meanwhile, have devised another project in which they analyse the latest news about the seeds of plants that have managed to germinate on the Moon, and simulate with Lego pieces what a possible life on the Moon or Mars would be like.

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