SEK-Santa Isabel, example of good use of immersive technologies

The magazine Educación 3.0, the most read magazine in education, has published a report for its digital edition in which it explains how augmented and virtual reality is already being used in the classrooms of some schools.

The article cites SEK-Santa Isabel as an example of integration of this technology in all areas of the academic curriculum. “By including these technologies in an interdisciplinary way,” it says, “there is more meaningful learning by placing the student inside this experience and their pace of learning can be better respected.”

It also explains how these immersive technologies create a unique experience in each individual, leading to an increase in self-esteem, since the student can feel and experience their worth and the abilities they possess.

This magazine mentions how at SEK-Santa Isabel they have used these technologies to recreate their school in a virtual world, in which each student has created their avatar within this environment, which has been used to reinforce subjects such as mathematics, languages or science.

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