SEK-Santa Isabel families attend a workshop on cybersecurity

Families of SEK-Santa Isabel students have attended a workshop given by cybersecurity expert Francisco Arencibia.

Francisco works with the Cibercooperantes programme, promoted by IS4K (Internet Safe for Kids), whose main objective is for all schools to have access to training in the safe use of technologies and for this it provides training to families, minors and educators.

SEK-Santa Isabel students receive training in their daily classes on how to use the Internet responsibly, learning how to protect their personal data when surfing the internet, which pages are safe or how to use social media. This training is complemented with conferences in which IS4K, the National Police, MAFRE and other entities attend to reinforce these values through educational workshops.

At the event aimed at families, Francisco Arencibia explained parental control tools, but stressed that “the most important thing is to educate our children in the responsible use of devices and the Internet, rather than putting up barriers to limit their use.”