SEK Santa Isabel, Microsoft Showscase School

For second year in a row SEK Santa Isabel is recognized as a Microsoft Showcase School.

In order to receive this accreditation, several Professional Development requirements must be met, as well as school infrastructure and a general good use of technology. Anthony Salcito, Responsible for Microsoft Education, affirms that SEK Santa Isabel, as a Showcase School, exemplifies good use of technologies while implementing innovative practices through leadership, teaching and learning.

The school teachers must meet PD requirements of knowledge of these new technologies. In this case, 25% of the teaching staff have been accredited as “Certificated Educator Microsoft” and 60% “Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert” and all teachers are awarded the “Microsoft Office Expert” award for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

Additionally the school has received good feedback from this experience whereby the school community’s use of education tech is proof that this Professional Development expereience is being implemented on a day to day basis.