SEK Group outlines the importance of new digital environments in education

The closing day of the Virtual International Education and Technology Fair (VIMET), held virtually this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, saw a presentation by Joaquín Rodríguez, Director of Technologies for Learning at SEK Education Group, on the new digital learning environments.

During his presentation, Joaquín Rodríguez highlighted MySEK, a tool initially conceived as a virtual classroom in which to learn anywhere and anytime, and its usefulness during the months of lockdown, helping all SEK students and teachers to continue to connect every day and resume their classes, virtually, just 24 hours after the start of the state of emergency.

In order to do this, Rodríguez highlighted the support obtained from the SEK school community in improving the MySEK tool and make it what it is today. “We use work methodologies such as Design Thinking to work with all members of the community, using this dynamic in many workshops that we convene in our schools and the university, in which students of all ages and from all stages, teachers, families, and principals from all schools took part… ”, he recalled.

Despite having this virtual tool, Rodríguez highlighted how the support of technology in the classrooms was fundamental to consolidate the current SEK HyFlex model, thanks to which face-to-face classes in the classroom can be combined with remote learning for students from their own home.

“We installed high-resolution 360º cameras, we installed microphones and receivers in all of our classrooms, we enabled them with mobile tripods so that they could be moved around the classroom, and have Smart screens in every classroom… which has served for our community, regardless of where they are with the current circumstances, can follow all our lessons live, and intervene and interact in a completely natural way”, he pointed out.

The Director of Learning Technologies at SEK explained that the new virtual learning environments that currently exist (which include MySEK) are, in turn, personalised digital work environments, in which each member of the educational community has access to all the learning resources, tools and communication channels they need to carry out their work and to work in a team with others.

VIMET is a world-renown education event in which professionals from the education sector meet annually in a permanent search for innovative proposals that can be applied in their schools or universities.

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