Students from SEK International School Santa Isabel develop their social skills

In the Guidance Department, we consider social skills to be a key aspect in the learning-teaching process with the aim to achieve integral socio-emotional development. For this reason, every Wednesday afternoon we carry out complimentary activities that enrich the curriculum, placing emphasis on promoting these skills, as well as other aspects related to emotional intelligence.

This week we implemented an activity that touched upon all concepts acquired throughout the school year. Thus the 2nd and 3rd grade Primary Education students have become the main characters, participating in the game N E G O C I A T E D: The Game of Civilizations.

A game where Vikings, Egyptians and Romans will fight to be the first to acquire all of the necessary materials, tools and objects to build their civilization. Something that will not be as simple, because not only the use of logic, chance or strategy, but also companionship, mutual respect, cooperation among equals, assertiveness or active listening will be the keys to success in this game.