6º of Primary Education carry out the PYP Exhibition

The event that marks the end of Primary Education and, in many ways, connects the Middle Years Program, is the PYP Exhibition. The culmination of the Primary Years Program, in which our students showcase, to the entire school community and their families, the skills and competencies that they have acquired throughout the years. These same skills that will be essential for them to face secondary school successfully.

In their exhibition the five key elements of the PYP appear, the importance of cooperative work is revealed, and, most importantly, learning through formulating questions, all of which leads us to the Inquiry Method.

Despite the circumstances in which we find ourselves, the PYP Exhibition at SEK Santa Isabel was held live and recorded so that family members and students could later view this event.

It was an unforgettable experience for students. Their effort and hard work has been the general trend throughout the process. The entire teaching team is proud of the students and the development of their learning process.

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