SEK-Santa Isabel resumes the students’ excursions

These last two years have been demanding and unconventional, but we all have done our best to continue with our innovation projects and agenda. We are constantly looking and discovering new ways of promoting cooperative and meaningful learning experiences.

It is therefore with great excitement and celebratory spirit that we rejoice in seeing our students finally having a day outside of school and enjoying activities that enrich our curriculum. All our fieldtrips were done following COVID free protocols, ensuring the security of our kids.

Our Second graders had the opportunity of going to the Botanical Garden in the city, Third and Fourth graders went to the primate rehabilitation center, Rainfer and Fifth graders got to spend the day in the countryside, in la Sierra de Madrid.

As these examples demonstrate, SEK Santa Isabel believes in the importance of field trips and outings, as they allow children to make meaningful connections between what they are learning through our units of inquiry and everyday life.

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