SEK-Santa Isabel visits Rainfer, a primate reserve

6 may was a great day!  After such a long time we went on an excursion! We went to Rainfer, a rescue and care centre of primates. It was an unforgettable experience. We met Lola, a capicinol; Boris, an orangutan from Borneo; Guille, a chimpanzee ; Manuela and Jackie, Brutus, a capucino.

Many of them have very sad atories behind: rescued from circuses, being “pets” in small cages, etc. They’ ve had a very hard life. And now, at this center, where peopla care of them on their own (in families), they can be free and happy in their huge gardens.

When they get stick, “human” doctors attend them, not vets. They’re not agressive, just proud and very intelligent, always protecting their family and their habitat. It was an unbelieveble experience. We would like to help caring for these beautiful animals. We’ll be in contact with this center. We’ll do what we can to help them.


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