Letter from a student in 6th grade

I am so nervous!

It was September the 7th and we started school the next day. The summertime has been awesome, but I have missed my friends a lot. I can’t wait to see them again.  This is our last school year in SEK Santa Isabel. Later on, we will go up to Secondary and I think this is going to be a fantastic school year that we will enjoy.

While I was preparing the material for school I was thinking: will they have changed a lot? Will they be taller? Will they have new friends? I had so many questions on my mind that it was hard for me to sleep that night…

On the next morning, when I went into my new classroom, I discovered that we were the same, a little bit taller and tanner but the same as we always had been. My friends were there, and we talked about our vacations and impressions on this new school year. Even though a lot of things will change in our lives, we will be sure that important things will always remain the same.

I wish you a very happy school year, colleagues!


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