New Changes in our Early Childhood Education spaces

At the beginning of every school year it is always exciting to begin reflecting on the future, our dreams, challenges, academic goals. It is the time of the year where we embrace new changes and new things:  our school uniformes, our school material, new friends and teachers. At SEK Santa Isabel we are just as excited as our students to have new classroom furniture in our Early Childhood Education floor. These new changes allow us to create new learning spaces and environments.

As we all know, for students every space is a didactic opportunity in which they can develop different skills by experimenting, investigating, sharing, and build upon their learning experience.  For this reason, our new spaces will give students the opportunity to optimize their educational experience.

Both students and teachers are in love with these new spacese which further create a joyful environment that is adapted to our daily educational needs, with new shapes and colors, and new furniture that fits perfectly with our daily rhythm.

We hope you like the new changes at SEK Santa Isabel as much as we do!

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