International Children’s Day in “Sueña a lo grande, Amapola”

Last Monday, November 11th, SEK-Santa Isabel celebrated International Children’s Day as part of our inquiry unit “The holidays”.

During Story Time, we read the story titled “Sueña a lo grande, Amapola.” In it, we saw that it is possible to achieve our Goals if we work for them and try hard to attain them. Then we spoke with the students, they understood that all children no matter where they are from, have the right to decide what they like or don’t like and what they want to be when they get older. In this story ( we saw how Amapola achieves her goals, with great effort and practice, fulfil her dreams.

We are beginning to understand that other children, from other schools and from other countries have dreams and can fulfil them too. We have been able to understand that with effort and hard work we can improve our whatever we want.



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