SEK-Santa Isabel students learn how to understand their emotions

Early childhood education students are still very young and find it difficult to identify how they feel. Therefore, SEK-Santa Isabel sets aside one day a week for children to learn about their primary emotions through emotional intelligence.  At this age, when they want something, they take it.  It doesn’t matter if a classmate has it or if taking it away hurts him (physically or emotionally). At SEK-Santa Isabel, through stories (almost all on paper, although some are projected on the digital whiteboard), they learn to see how they feel and how others feel when they do something.

Stories like Cuando soy amable, Don’t be a bully, Billy  and Cuando estoy enfadado, help them understand that we all have feelings.  Being angry is normal, it happens to all of us. However, they must know how to recognise that they are angry, why they are angry, how their bodies feel when they are angry, or simply learn to let go.

The techniques used are varied, taking a deep breath for a count of five, holding your breath for a count of three and exhaling for a count of five, stretching your fingers hard to release negative energy, going to a corner to relax alone, telling someone what is happening to you, etc. and Pilates techniques are also practised to de-stress and stretch the muscles.


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