EI 2 A and B discover the story of Icarus

The truth is that every time the children work with Miss Ruth we the teachers are astonished at the work they produce. The instructions that the Art’s teacher gives are so clear, the work she proposes are so beautiful and the stories she tells are so good that the children work with great enthusiasm.

This week EI 2 have finished the story of Icarus (they started it before Christmas). In December Miss Ruth explained them what they had to do but we never had enough time, so we put the work away to finish when we came back. On Tuesday, in Art class, when Ruth asked them if they could remember the story of Icarus and to our surprise, they remembered it perfectly! Which is a sign that they liked the story, like so many others that Miss Ruth has told us. (the story of Catrina, the carnival mask comes to mind).


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