SEK-Santa Isabel visit La Puerta del Campo

After two years where end of year excursions had been cancelled, our youngest pupils have been able to enjoy three wonderful days at the Puerta del Campo farm. 5′ away from La Granja de San Ildefonso in wonderful setting to enjoy nature. 

With their suitcases prepared by themselves, their nerves, desire and excitement they arrived at the farm where they did different activities; pottery, animal care, doughnuts, air freshener bags with materials they collected themselves, walks along the river … 

The teachers who went with them were able to see the autonomy they have being so young, their willingness to take on new activities and their desire to enjoy a totally different environment to the one they live in every day.  

There were nerves, laughter and a few tears at the end of the afternoon, but they all spent three wonderful days together.