Fourth Grade Primary Students at SEK-Santa Isabel explore ‘The 3R’

Fourth graders at 4th SEK-Santa Isabel have been exploring the  ‘3Rs’ (reduce, reuse and recycle) in a Project based manner in which they have involved the entire school, making posters, giving informative talks to raise awareness amongst the school community and making a small theater performace in which the costumes and the rest of the props have been made with recycled materials.

This project has been carried out under the guidance of their homeroom teachers and the Maker Space teacher, a space in which students investigate, experiment, create, shape their ideas and collaborate with each other.

To carry it out this project, groups have been formed, in such a way that cooperative work has been encouraged, so that students discover new skills thanks to their team. Some examples of these skills are:  creative and artistic expression,  searching for information, public speaking; all under the umbrella of eco-social awareness.