‘Maps Program’ at the SEK Santa Isabel School

Last Friday 1º E.P was lucky enough to receive a visit from the grandmother of one of our students to give us a chat about insects or, as we call them in a familiar way, bugs. Taking advantage of her knowledge in Biology and the current Unit of Inquiry Animals, she made our boys and girls lose their fear of these animals and change their perception of them, giving another meaning to the concept of beauty and how to find it in each living thing, in addition to being aware of the importance of caring for all living things in our world and the different ecosystems.

SEK Santa Isabel School is characterized by its open and familiar atmosphere; which is reflected in the close collaboration that unites families and the school community, who come together to work in the same direction, with the same objectives and through fluid and close communication.

An example of this is the Mapas Project, which invites families to share their experiences with students and teachers. The objective of this project is for families to be directly involved in the teaching-learning process of their children, and to enrichen the educational experience of our students with all the tools that we have at our disposal.

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