SEK-Santa Isabel, rejects bullying

On the occasion of the International day against or school bullying, celebrated on May 2, SEK-Santa Isabel conducted a workshop with 6th grade students in order to sensitize and train them about the characteristics that define bullying. The date May 2nd was established by parents’ associations and several non-governmental organizations and the color that represents it is purple.

The activity consisted of raising questions that had an impact on these characteristics and recalling the training session they had a few days before with members of the police with whom we collaborate strategically to reinforce prevention, the number one objective in the fight against bullying. During the debate, the students were able to gradually adjust the necessary bases for prevention and detection, as well as to reflect on the damage caused to the victims.

It is essential for the educational community as a whole to share and have access to this information in order to enjoy relationships based on tolerance and good treatment, and to report, if necessary, any case of bullying that, thanks to the previous training received, can be detected promptly and dealt with in a convenient and coordinated manner.

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