Early Years students at the Farm

In October, the Early Years students of International SEK Santa Isabel school, went on a trip to Albitana Farm.  The weather was great, and apart from seeing different farm animals, they enjoyed time outdoors. 

The 3 year old students are currently working on their UI The seasons, focusing on autumn this term.  For this reason, they took part in harvest activities such as  grape picking: they saw the grape vines, picked the grapes, stepped on the grapes the old fashion way and made grape juice. 

On the other hand, the four year old students are currently working on their UI Family and friends.  They took part in different outdoor activities, exploring the importance of team work as they spent time with their friends. 

The 5 year old students are inquiring at the moment with their unit Taking care of the environment, so in their activities they were able to observe and reflect on the importance of taking care of both animals and plants. 

At the end of the day, it was a perfect opportunity for them all, to enjoy themselves and learn, strengthening their relationships with each other.  They saw the importance of respect, not just to nature but also to the people who we are friends with, the origin of many food… all outdoors in the fresh air.  




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