Learn and enjoy in French and German

Last week  the students of second grade had a special session in the French and German class dedicated to Halloween. They had to create a Magic potion with some colored papers and they were able to  review all the vocabulary about numbers and colors in those languages. They really enjoyed it, they took the paper work home and were very motivated. Also, they enjoyed some songs about Halloween in french and german, it is always a fun way to learn some vocabulary in a foreign language.

Another important German festivity that takes place this month on the 11th of November is the so called Sankt Martinstag. Our first grade students created a special lantern using different materials in order to participate in a St. Martin´s Parade that is organized by German families living in Madrid which takes places in the Retiro Park on the 12th of November.

Christmas is around the corner and for the next Christmas market at our school on Saturday the 17th of December our first and second grade students will present their Christmas carols not only in Spanish and English but also in the third language that they are learning. What a multicultural atmosphere is waiting for us.


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