STEM Women Congress

On November 17th, the STEM Women Congress was held at the Science Museum, Cosmocaixa, in Barcelona.

This congress is an international meeting point for STEM companies, initiatives and institutions, to make visible and promote female talent in the STEM field.

This is the fourth edition of STEM Women Congress, and each year has been growing in attendance (this year more than 3000 people) and initiatives presented.  This year, for the first time in its history, it has been decided to give recognition to the teachers who have most encouraged the motivation for scientific talent in children. The ambassadors are in charge of looking for profiles that coincide with such recognition. Noelia Cava, Coordinator of Learning Technologies at SEK Santa Isabel International School, has been the person chosen to receive this award.

Noelia Cava has done great teaching work in the field of STEAM areas, implementing innovative projects that include science, programming and robotics. She is also the author of technology books (3D printing) for primary education, has traveled as a development worker to underdeveloped countries to help in digital literacy, and has been recognized by other organizations on several occasions.

Therefore, it is a well-deserved award, Congratulations, Noelia!


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