The First Graders of SEK-Santa Isabel visit Micropolix, ‘the city for kids’

As a complement to our second unit of inquiry this trimester the first-grade boys and girls of SEK-Santa Isabel made an exciting trip to Micropolix in San Sebastián de los Reyes.

Micro comes from the Greek for small and polix comes from the Greek for city and that’s exactly what this place is, a tiny child-sized city made especially for kids to explore different aspects of urban life.

As we are currently studying My Community and inquiring about the proy fessions, systems, and business our city needs to function, this excursion was the perfect way for our children to experience the unit by dressing up, role-playing and “working” in a city built just for them. What better way to understand the importance of the police than by putting on a uniform and solving a crime. How can we understand why traffic signs are important? By driving in a tiny road safety circuit of cours.

students have a cool passport stamped to show all the jobs and challenges they did in Micropolix, everything from landing an airplane to recording a game show in a TV station! We boarded the bus home exhausted from so much fun but not too tired to observe the famous four towers of Madrid and Aeropuerto  Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas, important places in our community, on the ride back home.