Ratoncito Pérez

The Primary 2 students from SEK-Santa Isabel have had the chance to learn up-close the story of Ratoncito Pérez, our little mouse friend who brings us a gift when we lose a tooth. They visited his house and museum located on Calle Arenal, 8.

Since it is located right in the centre of Madrid, not far from the school, our students enjoyed the walk there, having a look around the busy streets in the Las Letras neighbourhood which is within our schools Madrid Campus. Once we arrived, the students could get to know this well-known and interesting little character and where he takes those precious teeth. We even tried to catch a glimpse of him running around his house with little clues to follow. Some lucky ones might have managed to spot his little tail or his moving shadow.

The students took full advantage of this outing and wrote and illustrated their own letters to the little mouse and they posted them in the magic letter box in his house-museum. As a final surprise, Mr. Pérez even left all the Primary 2 students from SEK-Santa Isabel a little gift.







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