The Magic Flute

On the 22nd January our choir from SEK Santa Isabel International School was invited by the Company Ópera Divertimento to participate in the show The Magic Flute. Your first opera at the iconic Teatro Bellas Artes in Madrid.

The members of the choir performed in front of more than 400 people who burst into applause after their interventions. It was a morning of emotions: excited families, children with nerves on edge and a great desire to do well.

The Magic Flute is an opera by Mozart that is very popular with children because of its adventurous story and accessible music. The adaptation of this opera for family audiences tells the story of Tamino, who embarks on an epic adventure to rescue Pamina, the daughter of the Night King, who learns important lessons about loyalty and the value of truth.

It was one of the most enriching experiences the choir has ever participated in. The children experienced first-hand the workings of a professional musical theatre company. They felt the classic backstage nerves prior to their performance and demonstrated their experience with an outstanding performance.