Jardín Botánico

During our Unit of Inquiry Living Things the Primary 2 students from SEK-Santa Isabel investigated plants and what they need to live, how they adapt to their environment and what different parts they have. We were lucky enough to round out this learning and observe these living things up close in the Botanic Garden of Madrid –Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid – Es ciencia, es educación, es divulgación (csic.es)-.

Thanks to our SEK school being located in the centre of Madrid, we have had the chance to take a lovely walk to the Botanic Garden, an activity which also forms part of the school’s Learning Paths framework. Once we were there, we took part in the workshop Thorns and Traps, learning about plants, bushes and trees and filling out our workbook with our observations during the different activities.

In the greenhouse, we experienced different climates, topical and desert, whilst also seeing the famous fly trap plants up close, such as the Venus Flytrap. It was very interesting to find out how these plants have developed different types of traps to adapt to difficult terrains and growing conditions. To top off this fantastic visit, the students planted a cutting which they were able to take home.

On our way back to school we stopped by the Vertical Garden at the Caixa Fórum, also within our Learning Path, and we saw the peculiar watering system and the maintenance needed for such an original style of garden.