In our Unit of Inquiry Living Things, the Primary 2 students from SEK Santa Isabel had the chance to go on a trip to Faunia where we could investigate diversity and the characteristics of the different animals and their habitats.

Thanks to the guided visit around the Poles, we could recognise the differences and similarities between penguins, their food sources, reproduction and the reasons for which these creatures can become endangered as well as possible solutions to this problem. This visit linked very well to our IB profile attributes: inquirers and knowledgable, but also principles and caring.

We finished off our visit with a workshop during which the students made fruit skewers which they then fed to the lemurs which were enjoying the open air and they got to really enjoy these animals up-close, observing how they interacted with each other. We also got to see a special show about birds of prey such as owls, vultures and eagles, watching them hunt live.

Of course, we also took advantage of this visit to see some really exciting animals such as the komodo dragon or the axolotl, visiting areas of the underground zones and the Posion zone (one of the favourites of our students!) where they also exhibit the importance of poisons in the development of many medicinal products such as vaccines.

This trip was a great experience for this unit Living Things in which we focued especially on plants, trees and bushes, visiting the Royal Botanic Garden and also on animal biodiversity, observing different species and appreciating the richness of our planet and the importance of our contribution to the conservation of habitats in our visit to Faunia.