EP1º at Sendero Vivo: The five senses trail

The first-grade girls and boys of SEK Santa Isabel had the wonderful opportunity to delve deeper into their Unit of Inquiry The Carnival of the Animals by spending the day exploring the beautiful natural habitat of Madrid’s temperate forest and meeting some of the creatures that call it home in the nature.

While following the amazing Five Senses Nature Trail, we used our ears to hear, for example, the difference between bird feathers which make noise when the birds fly and the special feathers of an owl which allow it to fly silently.

We smelled both pleasant and strange smells such as a nice bay leaf and a stinky ferret and we used our skin to touch and feel different objects including antlers, horns and even a little white hedgehog. Of course, our eyes never tired of observing the colorful plants, unusual leaves and lovely details of the landscape.

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