On the 18th of April, Primary 2 students from SEK International School Santa Isabel had the chance to visit the wonderful Museum of Science and Technology, MUNCYT, in Alcobendas, Madrid.

The students were able to visit many interesting spots in the museum which take us through the history of inventions such as the wheel, the television, and the telephone. In addition, they got the chance to visit the interactive space of the museum where they could read about how things work and interact with various experiments come to life.

In relation to Unit of Inquiry The Final Frontier, our students continued their visit by exploring outer space through a video-game type activity space which explained the order of the planets and their distance from the Sun. We took a journey through space and time by clicking on the different spots of the solar system and learning facts about each of its fascinating elements. To further enrich our experience, the students got to participate in a special workshop where they made their very own model of the solar system called a Tellurium. This unique model allows us to move the planets around the Sun and view up-close what really goes on in our solar system: revolution and rotation.

To round off our visit, we had a lovely picnic in the outdoor space of the museum, where the children could enjoy the open air and a fantastic statue of a T-Rex which they could then play around and interact with the surroundings, always taking care to respect the environment and use the facilities as intended. What a truly fun day and a great chance to explore our Unit of Inquiry in the most interactive way along with many other interesting historical and scientific features.