End of the Year School Trip to Layos Camp: 1st and 2nd Grade

The first and second grade students of SEK Santa Isabel had the chance to enjoy the wonderful surroundings of the Gredos area when they took their end of year trip to Layos Camp Gredos in the heart of La Vera.

This trip gave our students the opportunity to build on their autonomy and step outside their comfort zone, overcoming their inhibitions and trying new things. Since our arrival, we never stopped! We participated in all sorts of outdoor activities alongside the bank of the river Garganta de Pedro Chate: archery, hockey, football, rugby, even rock climbing on a beautiful bridge on the campgrounds. Lots of students have told us that their favorite activity was riding horses among the enormous poplars!

On the first night we had a blast playing team games which provided great exercise and focused on good sportsmanship. On the second day the fun continued after a good night’s sleep in bunkbeds amongst our classmates.  This time we painted a giant mural in teams, made lovely bracelets and even baked our own bread. At the end of the day everyone danced at the open-air mini disco on the porch!

On the final day we all enjoyed a gymkhana of athletic activities and bade farewell to a great end of the year trip that we’ll never forget.