Choir ‘The New Blue’

Last Monday, May 23rd, the campus of Camilo José Cela University (UCJC) was filled with music with the visit of the prestigious choir The New Blue, from Yale University. On this occasion, our young talents from the SEK Santa Isabel Choir had the privilege of receiving a Vocal Masterclass.

The SEK Santa Isabel School Choir outing was certainly a remarkable event. Beyond the musical learning, the young people experienced the importance of collaboration, mutual respect and human connection through music.

The meeting was much more than a simple masterclass, it was a true cultural exchange where the choirs of SEK-Ciudalcampo and SEK-El Castillo also joined together to share their passion for music. During the day, the students had the opportunity to perform different styles songs, showing the diversity and musical richness of our institution.

The Vocal Masterclass became an enriching learning space, where students were not only able to improve their vocal techniques, but also to experience the magic of music as a vehicle for expression and connection between cultures. The members of The New Blue Choir enthusiastically shared their experience and knowledge, offering advice to our students.