Early Childhood Education Trip 3 to La Casa de Campo

The students of Early Childhood Education 3 of the SEK Santa Isabel school went on an excursion to the well-known La Casa de Campo park.

Since the Inquiry Unit they are working on is As we were before, they have focused on working and discovering traditional games such as jumping rope, marbles or dodgeball, among others. Thus they have been able to analyze the way in which society has changed over time, how our resources and tools have changed, the places of play; even our own abilities.

The objective of the excursion was to carry out this type of outdoor games, taking advantage of the facilities, such as parks and green areas, that La Casa de Campo offers us; accompanied by the Respira monitors and learning through play.

With these types of activities SEK-Santa Isabel continue to bet on taking the school beyond the classroom, and we continue to verify that any space and situation is suitable for carrying out the teaching-learning process.



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