Safari Park

To complement our Unit of inquiry The Biosphere, 4th grade students of SEK-Santa Isabel made an interesting visit to Safari Park.

Students and teachers headed to the town of Aldea del Fresno, with the objective of seeing up close different species of animals that live in semi-freedom and learning what they are like, the way they interact and how they feed.

This is what our students: Marta Cadenillas and Eva Argüello commented on the excursion:

We arrived at the Safari Park. It was all empty, we thought there was going to be nothing, but…  No! we will tell you what happened. First, we went to the Reptile House. Here we saw tarantulas, snakes, and lizards.

We took a bus tour and saw lions, giraffes, ostriches, zebras, camels, hippos, monkeys and many more animals.

Our guide was really nice, she explained what the animals ate, how they reproduced and how to differentiate between males and females.

We went to feed goats and at the end we saw a show of birds and cats.

It was all very nice and impressive“. By Marta Cadenillas and Eva Argüello, 4th A.