The Prado, an exciting visit to the world of art

The fifth grade of SEK-Santa Isabel had the opportunity to visit the Prado Museum, an experience that awakened our curiosity and admiration for art. During the visit, we had the opportunity to contemplate some of the most outstanding masterpieces in the history of art, such as The Holy Family of the Oak, by Raphael; The Fight of Saint George against the Dragon, by Rubens, and The Death of Viriato, by Madrazo.

The most beautiful moment of our visit was when we found ourselves in front of Raphael’s The Holy Family in the Oak Tree. This painting transported us to a world of serenity and beauty. The minute details and the softness of the colours made us feel as if we were witnessing the sacred encounter between the Virgin Mary, St. Joseph, Baby Jesus and St. John. We were impressed by Raphael’s mastery in capturing the expression of tenderness on the faces of the characters.

The next stop was the room where Rubens’ The Fight of St. George against the Dragon is located. This work left us speechless. The depiction of the heroic St. George facing the ferocious dragon was breathtaking. The vibrant colours and dynamic composition conveyed the intensity and bravery of the scene. Watching this work made us reflect on the courage and determination needed to face the challenges in our own lives.

Finally, we came to Madrazo’s The Death of Viriato. This painting immersed us in a historical moment in ancient Rome. The scene portrays the death of the Lusitanian leader Viriato, who was killed in his sleep. The pained expression on Viriato’s face and the mournful atmosphere of the work had a profound impact on us. It made us reflect on the fragility of life and the struggle for freedom.

In addition to these masterpieces, we had the opportunity to visit other rooms of the museum, where we discovered the richness and diversity of art throughout history. From religious paintings to portraits and landscapes, each work told us a story and awakened emotions in us.

The visit to the Prado Museum was an enriching experience that awakened our interest in art and culture. We feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to see these magnificent works and to learn more about the artists who created them. At the end of the visit, we had the opportunity to have our photo taken with the director of the museum, Miguel Falomir.






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