Picasso’s Art in ‘Casa Encendida’

Last week, the 4th-grade students from SEK-Santa Isabel went on a field trip to Casa Encendida to visit the exhibition Picasso: Sin Título (Picasso: Untitled). Besides enjoying 50 artworks created in Picasso’s last decade of life, they began the visit by participating in a workshop where they explored self-portraiture based on the exhibited pieces.

During the workshop, our students created fantastic artworks using the collage technique, incorporating fabrics, yarns, coloured cardboards, and magazine cutouts in the purest Picasso style. This activity was seamlessly connected to their inquiry unit on understanding our bodies.

In the exhibition visit, our students had the opportunity to admire the works of the brilliant artist, including paintings and clay sculptures that had never been exhibited before. They interpreted these masterpieces in their own unique ways, adding a personal touch to their understanding of Picasso’s art.