Daniel Wilson Visits SEK-Santa Isabel’s ‘Learning Path’ Initiative, Recognized as ‘Best Practice’ by Harvard

SEK-Santa Isabel welcomed esteemed Harvard researcher Daniel Wilson from Project Zero, who spent an immersive week engaging with the school’s groundbreaking ‘Learning Path’ recognized by Harvard as ‘best practice’ initiative: “…SEK Santa Isabel school in Madrid created “learning paths” in which students explored their surrounding communities and environments with the aim to develop a range of outcomes, including well-being. […] Beginning in the summer of 2023, this multi-year project with Project Zero will aim to analyze the impacts these experiences have on student sense of agency, belonging, curiosity and delight. The project aims to produce tools for educators to use as they design and assess community-based learning experiences and well-being.”

In a dynamic collaboration, 3rd-grade students immersed themselves in the principles of the RULER methodology at the Retiro Park, a unique outdoor classroom. There, students learned about emotional intelligence and social skills, fostering a positive and supportive atmosphere in their academic journey.

The visit of Daniel Wilson not only provided valuable feedback on the Learning Path initiative but also highlighted SEK Santa Isabel’s commitment to creating holistic educational experiences. By intertwining cutting-edge methodologies with real-world applications, the school continues to inspire a passion for learning and a sense of responsibility toward the community and the environment. The collaborative efforts between Mr. Wilson and the school exemplify a shared dedication to innovative education that prepares students for a future of critical thinking and global citizenship.

On the other hand, the early childhood students embarked on an exploration of the neighborhood, delving into the theme of environmental responsibility. From understanding trash in the city center to hands-on experiences in recycling, the students gained practical insights into caring for their surroundings.