SEK-Santa Isabel’s Passion of Sports, experience in Physiotherapy and promotes healthy habits

SEK-Santa Isabel students were treated to an insightful talk by the father of a 5th-grade student, who happens to be an expert in physiotherapy. During the presentation, the father shared his experiences and knowledge in the field, showcasing various techniques used to address muscular pathologies. Notably, he demonstrated the application of kinesio strips on the students themselves, providing a hands-on understanding of physiotherapeutic practices. The session not only offered an insider’s view of the world of physiotherapy but also imparted valuable insights to students on maintaining musculoskeletal health.

Emphasizing the importance of adopting healthy habits and participating in sports activities, Rafael’s father underscored these as crucial components for overall well-being. The discussion highlighted how a regular exercise routine and proactive health measures can prevent many muscular conditions, promoting an active and balanced lifestyle. The students, eager and engaged, had the opportunity to ask questions, deepening their understanding of how to care for their physical well-being.

Organized within the framework of SEK-Santa Isabel’s Passion Sport program, this activity reflects the institution’s ongoing commitment to holistic education. By providing students direct access to professionals in various fields, the school not only enriches their academic experience but also inspires them to explore potential future careers and adopt healthy habits from an early age.