‘Hanukkah’: a cultural workshop

Some earlychildhood and primary students had the opportunity to learn more about the Hanukkah holiday, a typical Jewish celebration. Thanks to the mother of a 3rd grade student who came to conduct a workshop, within what is known as “Families in Learning”.

The workshop began with a very special presentation, where in an easy, fun and interactive way, a little story was told. The different meanings of the celebration of this feast were explained, for example, the history of the miracle of the oil in the Temple of Jerusalem or the importance of light in this festivity. They were taught what the “Menorah” is, and how the candles are lit during the eight days that Hanukkah is celebrated. They also talked about the different culinary traditions associated with this holiday, such as the tasting of donuts or the traditional potato pancakes.

Finally, several stories were read, adapted to the different ages of the students, related to the celebration of this holiday. Once again, this event has been a moment of cultural enrichment and a reminder of the diversity of this educational community.