SEK-Santa Isabel promotes respect and connection among students from different backgrounds

In recent weeks, a significant initiative has taken place within our educational community, with a series of workshops focused on promoting cultural diversity. This valuable effort aims to encourage understanding and respect for the various cultures coexisting in our environment.

The workshops were carefully designed and implemented by the school’s guidance department, in collaboration with the cultural immersion program, targeting students in 4th, 5th, and 6th grades. The program included an audiovisual presentation exploring the experiences of living in a community that encompasses diverse cultures.

One of the highlights was the active participation of each student, who shared their geographical origins with their peers, highlighting customs and traditions from their countries, towns, or cities. This hands-on approach allowed students to immerse themselves in the richness and cultural diversity that characterizes our educational community.

In summary, the implementation of these cultural diversity workshops has significantly contributed to the creation of an educational environment enriched by mutual understanding and respect for the different identities present in our community. Such activities not only enhance students’ knowledge of the world around them but also promote fundamental values of tolerance and appreciation for diversity.