SEK-Santa Isabel 6th graders lead their own learning through Madrid’s Historic Streets

Sixth-grade students at SEK Santa Isabel take the lead in their own learning by designing a unique learning path to conclude their unit of inquiry on historical places in the center of Madrid. Inspired by the desire to delve deeper into the history and culture of the streets in central Madrid, these students crafted an enriching journey that explored iconic locations such as Plaza de Santa Ana, Palacio Real, Plaza de la Villa, and Plaza Mayor, among others.

The students meticulously planned and executed a series of educational activities that brought the history of these places to life. Each site transformed into a classroom without walls, enabling students to interact with the tangible history of Madrid. The learning path was a dynamic blend of research, exploration, and creativity.

This activity not only showcased their mastery of historical content but also highlighted their ability to think critically, collaborate effectively, and communicate with confidence. By actively participating in the design and implementation of their learning path, these sixth-grade students not only gained a profound understanding of Madrid’s historical treasures but also honed essential skills that will serve them well in their educational journey and beyond.