Artistic Journey with the ‘Passing of Time Project’

In a captivating exploration of art and history, the 5th-grade students at SEK-Santa Isabel undertook a special project titled Passing of Time as part of their research unit.

Guided by their art teacher and supported by other teachers, the students immersed themselves in the fascinating world of the Prado Museum, recreating portraits from iconic paintings. This hands-on project not only showcased their artistic talents but also provided a unique opportunity to delve into the historical context of each portrayed character.

The young artists took on the challenge of bringing the characters to life using their creativity and resources. Armed with their own clothes, materials, and a plethora of resources, the students transformed into the subjects of famous artworks for a day. The project was a multidisciplinary endeavor, as students not only explored artistic techniques but also delved into historical research to uncover the stories behind the characters they portrayed. This immersive journey allowed them to gain a deeper understanding of the passage of time, connecting the threads of art, history, and personal expression.

The culmination of the Passing of Time project was a vibrant exhibition where the students proudly presented their recreated portraits and shared the narratives they had uncovered. The event not only celebrated their artistic achievements but also highlighted the interdisciplinary approach that SEK-Santa Isabel fosters in its commitment to cultivating well-rounded, curious, and creative learners.