RULER, identifying emotions while working together in 2nd grade

Second-grade students at SEK-Santa Isabel worked collaboratively on emotion identification as part of the RULER methodology developed by the Center for Emotional Intelligence at Yale University. This approach, which promotes emotional intelligence in educational settings, guided the students through a dynamic teamwork activity.

The activity commenced during the morning routine at the assembly, utilizing the time when students share how they feel in class. Next, materials were provided to students to work in small groups, introducing them to a challenge: create a bridge between two chairs using only the provided materials and working together. The dynamic included pauses every 10 minutes for reflection and writing about how they felt while collaborating. Students were encouraged to identify any difficulties, disagreements, or challenges with the project and their teammates. In case of disagreements, questions were posed such as: Could you negotiate a solution or reach a compromise? How did it make you feel? For instances of arguments, questions like: Did you feel listened to, or did you feel frustrated and unhappy with your teammates?

The process of pausing and writing assisted students in being mindful of their actions and conversations, fostering the necessary language skills to identify and manage intense emotions effectively.

Despite some initial disagreements, the second-grade class worked together, demonstrating their ability to resolve most issues and practice active listening and reflection successfully.