SEK-Santa Isabel teachers in Helen Morgan’s ‘Coaching and leadership course’

In a significant professional development initiative, teachers from various educational institutions gathered at UCJC Almagro in Madrid to participate in a transformative course on coaching and leadership facilitated by the renowned expert Helen Morgan. The course, designed to empower educators with effective coaching techniques and leadership strategies, proved to be a dynamic platform for learning and growth.

Helen Morgan, a distinguished figure in coaching and leadership development, shared her vast knowledge and experience with the attending teachers, including representatives from SEK Santa Isabel. The sessions explored the intricacies of coaching methodologies tailored to the educational context, emphasizing the importance of fostering a positive and supportive learning environment. SEK-Santa Isabel educators actively engaged in discussions, practical exercises, and case studies, gaining valuable insights into how coaching can improve not only their teaching practices but also their ability to inspire and lead in diverse educational settings.

Teachers from SEK-Santa Isabel not only expanded their skill sets but also had the opportunity to network with colleagues from different schools, fostering a collaborative spirit and a shared commitment to educational excellence. Helen Morgan’s course at UCJC Almagro is a testament to educators’ dedication to continuous learning and their commitment to refining their leadership skills for the benefit of students and the broader educational community.