Coordinators of Early Childhood Education share best practices

In a collaborative initiative to enhance educational practices, coordinators of Early Childhood Education from various SEK schools in Madrid recently embarked on a visit to different campuses. The purpose of this gathering was to engage in a fruitful exchange of best practices and innovative methodologies. Among the participating campuses was SEK Santa Isabel, where coordinators had the opportunity to share insights into cutting-edge teaching approaches.

At SEK-Santa Isabel, the focus of the discussion centered on two distinctive methodologies—Learning Path and RULER. The coordinators provided a comprehensive overview of the innovative Learning Path, a personalized learning journey designed to cater to individual student needs. Additionally, they delved into the RULER methodology, emphasizing the importance of emotional intelligence and its integration into the curriculum. The visit served as a platform for coordinators to showcase successful implementations, discuss challenges faced, and collectively explore ways to continually enhance the educational experience for Early Childhood students across SEK schools.

This collaborative initiative not only fosters a sense of unity among SEK educators but also contributes to the ongoing refinement of teaching methodologies. By sharing experiences and insights, coordinators aim to create a dynamic and innovative learning environment that positively impacts the Early Childhood Education programs across SEK schools.