Students Embrace Peace and Non-Violence on International Day

In a heartfelt celebration of the International Day of Peace and Non-Violence, students at SEK-Santa Isabel united to promote harmony, understanding, and a commitment to creating a more peaceful world. SEK-Santa Isabel was recognized by UNICEF as a ‘Reference Center in Child Rights Education’ and celebrates International Day of Peace and Non-Violence as a poignant reminder of the school’s commitment to nurturing compassionate global citizens who actively contribute to a more peaceful and inclusive world.

The day commenced with a powerful reading of the Peace Manifesto, where students reflected on the significance of peace and the collective responsibility to cultivate it in their school and beyond. The manifesto not only served as a reminder of the importance of unity but also inspired students to actively contribute to building a world free from violence.

As part of the commemoration, students engaged in a creative expression of their commitment to peace by crafting white flags. The symbolic act of making these flags provided a tangible representation of their desire for a peaceful world. Each student infused their unique artistic flair into the flags, transforming them into powerful symbols of hope and unity. The white flags, adorned with heartfelt messages and illustrations, adorned the school grounds, creating a visually striking display that resonated with the spirit of the International Day of Peace.

The celebration extended beyond symbolic gestures, as students delved into educational activities exploring concepts related to peace and non-violence. Classroom discussions, interactive sessions, and collaborative projects allowed students to deepen their understanding of these important values.