‘Matter’ at MUNCYT 

The 6th-grade students of SEK-Santa Isabel recently visited the National Museum of Science and Technology, MUNCYT as an integral part of their ongoing unit of inquiry, Matter. The MUNCYT visit provided a hands-on and immersive experience, allowing students to delve deeper into the fascinating world of science, aligning perfectly with their exploration of the properties, states, and transformations of matter. 

The day at MUNCYT commenced with enthusiastic anticipation as students, accompanied by their teachers, engaged in interactive exhibits and experiments that vividly brought to life the concepts studied in their ‘Matter’ unit. From exploring the properties of various materials to witnessing captivating demonstrations on the states of matter, the students were actively involved in experiential learning that enriched their understanding of scientific principles. The visit to MUNCYT not only reinforced classroom teachings but also sparked curiosity and a sense of wonder, fostering a genuine passion for science among the 6th-grade students. 

As an extension of their unit of inquiry, the students   participated in workshops and demonstrations specifically   tailored to enhance their knowledge of ‘Matter.’ Expert   guides at MUNCYT provided valuable insights,   encouraging the students to ask questions, make   connections, and apply their theoretical understanding to   real-world scenarios.

 The visit underscored SEK-Santa Isabel’s commitment to   providing holistic and immersive learning experiences,   empowering students to become enthusiastic and   inquisitive learners in the field of science.