SEK-Santa Isabel is a school for Early Childhood and Primary students and is the only school in Central Madrid authorised to deliver the International Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP).

Our school is part of SEK Education Group, whose origins are to be found in a free and independent century-old family tradition committed to offering high-quality education.

We are renowned for our students’ outstanding academic success as demonstrated by external assessments conducted by the Madrid Region and by English, French, German and Chinese external exam results and the stringent certification process by the International Baccalaureate Organisation.

The School has two vehicular languages, Spanish and English, with a teaching staff made up of specialists in Early Childhood and Primary Education. All members of the language department are native speakers of the languages they teach.

Furthermore, one of SEK-Santa Isabel’s hallmarks is teaching 21st century skills through information technology training, oratory and debate programmes, cooperative work, emotional intelligence and multiple intelligence programmes, tutorials and, in summary, a teaching method that pays special attention to individual student’s characteristics and is in close and ongoing contact with families, focusing on educational innovation.

The ongoing review of our Intelligent Classroom method was detailed in the SEK Future Learning Model document. We are updating our educational system and implementing a series of improvements. We have strengthened the career’s guidance department staff, and we have incorporated more arts teachers and assistant teachers. Likewise, the library has new publications in different languages, and we will continue with the Artistic School project in collaboration with Trinity College.

A process of continuous improvement that commits us to offering each student the best learning experience. The entire school space is a place to develop the learning process, in an environment of transparency and visibility.

We are living in an exceptional and new situation for everyone, which is why we have been very thorough in preparing this school year. The initial objective is to provide a safe framework for physical and emotional well-being, both to students and to families and teachers.

With what we have learnt from last year, and with the implementation of our educational system, we will strive to ensure the success of each students’ learning process.

Both the teaching staff at SEK-Santa Isabel, and myself, would like to continue to collaborate with you towards ensuring your children enjoy the finest education.

Javier Presol

Principal of SEK International School Santa Isabel





Our international school aims to offer the highest quality Early Childhood and Primary education. Furthermore, we ensure our students are able to continue with their Secondary and Baccalaureate studies at other SEK Education Group schools. We offer our own SEK Education Group educational system and strive to anticipate and satisfy the needs and expectations of our learning community and contribute to its perfection.


To be the leading international school in the centre of Madrid for Early Childhood and Primary Education.


  • At SEK International School Santa Isabel we are building the future.